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Last night was so much fun. Thank you to everyone who messaged, commented, called, etc to tell me they saw the story on KFOR News Channel 4! I thought they did an awesome job and I loved seeing our horses on tv. Who noticed Havok the goofy colt giving the camera a nice nose-shot? :-) He is a ham. Hopefully this will help get the ball rolling on the barn building. The weather people are saying this is the last day before the heat dome breaks and the temps start to fall. For most this is AWESOME news. For us, however, this is reason to panic. We don’t have much time to get the new barn up before winter.

I cant stress enough how important it is that we get this barn up. We will have to close down if we don’t get it built. I will have to start shuffling our current horses to other locations and basically the ranch will not be able to continue.

I wanted to post some info on the new barn and what we are looking to do. We haveĀ  the basic blueprint and a basic list of materials we are going to need. If anyone out there has access to these materials then please let me know ASAP.

Here is the basic layout we have put together for the inside of the barn…


And for the outside of the barn… BarnDesign1

We have a construction crew who has looked over our plans and told us the basic materials need for the frame. So far we KNOW we will need the following materials.

  • 150 2 by 4 studs
  • 22, 16 ft, 4 by 4 posts
  • 60 bags of concrete to set the posts.

We have a few different options on materials for the rest of the building. That being either we can do the exterior in wood siding or metal, and the roof in metal or shingles. We are open to all options. If there is a material supply company that would be willing to sponsor our materials (or even some of them), or perhaps a barn building company, then they would get a very large tax write off, a “Thank You” plaque recognizing their contribution to hang in their offices, and a ton of publicity. So, if you know of any companies who might be willing to sponsor then by all means, send them our way! We would love to talk with them.

I know we can do this! Thank you to everyone out there who is cheering for us right now!


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