The 1 Day Ranch Philosophy

Have you ever noticed how much can happen in just 1 day? 1 day can change everything. For an animal who has been abused or neglected the day they are rescued and taken to someone who will get them safe and healthy again is the day that their life finally changes for the better. From that moment, we take everything 1 day at a time. That is the concept behind 1 Day Ranch. We live every day to the fullest. We don’t dwell on the past, we only look to the happy futures ahead of us. Every abused, neglected, or unwanted animal deserves their 1 Day to have a chance to be happy and loved again.

1 Day Ranch is a “No Kill” animal rescue which means that we do not kill an animal due to lack of room or because the animal has been at the rescue for too long. None of the animals are given an “expiration date” or a day in which they have to be adopted to be able to live. There are only 2 reasons that an animal is humanely euthanized at 1 Day Ranch. First, if an animal has an untreatable medical condition in which the animal is in serious pain and euthanasia is the kindest option to not prolong their suffering. Second, if an animal is mentally unable to escape the trauma of their past and as such has become aggressive and found to be a danger to themselves and others by one of our licensed animal behaviorists.

1 Day Ranch has a very strict spay and neuter policy. We will not, under any circumstances, adopt an unaltered dog or a Stallion (unaltered male horse) to anyone. The only exception to adopting an unaltered animal is the adopting out of a mare, (a female horse) as there is no safe sterilization option for a mare. However, in the case of a mare, we will not adopt to anyone who has a stallion on their premises. The overpopulation crisis of animals in the United States is very real, and we will not be a part of the problem. We ask all of our friends and supporters to do the same, and to please spay and neuter their pets. Hundreds of animals suffer and die daily in city shelters due to the irresponsibility of pet owners. We ask that all of the 1 Day Ranch friends and supporters do their part to end the problem that humans have created by spaying and neutering their pets and promoting spay and neuter to their friends and family.

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