Spay and Neuter Assistance

The overpopulation of animals in the United States is very real. In rural Oklahoma the stray and dumped animal population continues to rise. Spaying and neutering your pets is one way to help end this vicious cycle. Not to mention your animal will  have a longer, happier life. You will have less wild or stray pets wandering to your property, and no unwanted litters!

1 Day Ranch has access to many low cost or free spay and neuter options. We also have access to a feral trap and release program. Have wild barn cats that KEEP having litters? We can provide a trap for you to catch them and have them spayed and neutered for free! You keep the mice hunters without all the kittens!

If you are interested in more information about low cost or free spay and neuter options, please contact us today!

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