Sometimes, cases are just so bad that even when you don’t think you can make it work… you figure it out, and make it work. That was the situation with a sweet kid that we rescued yesterday…

Yesterday pulled a dog from the Purcell Oklahoma shelter because it was a life or death situation…  This is Solomon. He was dumped and running on his own for over 2 months before animal control was able to shoot him with a dart gun and bring him into the shelter. He was so terrified he would not let anyone touch him. It took quite a while for me to convince him that I was not going to hurt him.  As you can see, he is in really really bad shape. There are many things wrong with him… here is his laundry list- 

  • Both of his eyes are massively infected and entropic. We are starting meds for the infection and once the infection clears they will be able to decide a plan (likely surgery) to repair them. His eyes should be able to be saved. Due to his eye situation he is currently almost blind but once healed he should be able to see again.
  • He has Ehrlichia. Ehrlichia is a tick disease that can not be cured, but it is very treatable and can be put into remission. (1 Day Ranch Permanent resident dog, Thor, has this disease though not as progressed as this baby.)
  • Hip Displacia (painful for him right now due to his disease and body condition, but the treatment for Ehrlichia will help with the pain. When he gains muscle he will strengthen them and that will help too)
  • 2 major ear infections (starting meds for that)
  • COVERED in fleas/ticks. Thus, causing him to be anemic.
  • Major internal parasite infestation.

On top of all of that, he only weighs 76lbs and he should weigh over 100-120lbs. This kid has a LONG way to go. Thank you to everyone for your kind words and prayers for him. If you are willing to help with his treatment you can do that here on our website. All paypal donations are currently going directly to Solomons continued care. He is a very sweet boy and is learning to trust me. He wants very badly to be sweet and loved on, he is just scared. He is currently resting on a pile of blankets in the laundry room where he has been since last night. That is is happy place. :-) Unfortunately, as most of you know, we are FULL. Now we are MORE than full. I desperately need to find a foster for a few of our current healthy dogs. I will be posting the ones that are needing to go to foster later today. If you can help please let me know! This was not really something we wanted to have to handle on top of our current barn situation… but, some dogs you just cant leave behind. This boy deserves the chance.

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