Happy Tails

This is our “Happy Tails” page where we post pictures of the animals who come into 1 Day Ranch and gone on to new homes where they are now living happy healthy lives.

We felt that to start off this page we needed to feature one very special horse.

Jessie was one of the first horses to come into 1 Day Ranch and is, to date, the worst case of abuse and neglect to ever come through our gates. Jessie was starved beyond all recognition. The “Day 1” picture was actually taken the day she came to us, but as shocking as it may seem, she had already gained some weight since she had spent a few weeks in a safe location after being removed from her abusers and they had started the process of re-introducing her to food. Jessie had been beaten very severely. She was hit in the face with a board or a bat of some kind and it fractured her eye socket, killing one of her eyes. She still has this eye but is completely blind on that side. None of these things killed her spirit though. She is a kind, loving, gentle mare. She loves children and likes to “mother” many of the younger horses. Maeghan Hadley, founder of 1 Day Ranch, decided that she has found her forever home. She will be staying at 1 Day Ranch for the rest of her life as a living reminder of what we work for every day. Jessie is an inspiration to us all.


Below you will find more pictures of animals we have had a hand in saving over the years. We are still trying to round up pictures as there have been many more than this! If you have adopted an animal from 1 Day Ranch and would like their picture or update picture added to this page, please email them to us!

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