Big Day Today!

Today is a day that the United States stops to remember the horrific tragedy that happened 12 years ago… I want to start by saying that my thoughts and prayers are with all of those who are still dealing with the loss of their friends and family that day. I still remember exactly where I was and what happened that morning. I don’t think there is anyone who could ever forget that.

Today is also the day that our KFOR Pay It 4Ward story airs on KFOR News Channel 4 in OKC. I hope that between all of the memorial coverage and images that are likely to be shown tonight, that our story helps to show that there IS good in the world. I hope that it will be a bright point in an otherwise typically rather dark newscast. I cant wait to see the story! The reporter, Lance West, is such a nice person. He is also a trooper! Walking around in 100 degree temps in our falling down barn while wearing dress shirt and tie? That did NOT look like fun. His photographer was running around shooting what looked to be some pretty cute footage of our horses. I know at one point my colt, Havok, was trying to eat the camera! I was beyond shocked when they surprised me that afternoon. At the very least, it is worth watching the story to see my reaction. :-)

I feel so blessed and humbled to have such amazing friends who would nominate the ranch and myself for this. Hopefully this story gets us some much needed help on our barn project. For those that possibly are reading this who do not know the situation with the barn, it was destroyed in the tornado. Click HERE if you would like to read all the details and see what we are doing to rebuild.

The story airs tonight at 10pm on Oklahoma News Channel 4. For our out-of-state friends, I will post a link to the video as soon as they post it on their website.

Love and Light to each and every one of you today, and every day.


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