Annie’s Barn at 1 Day Ranch


“I never got the chance to meet Ann Nicole Nelson… but, I know if I had, we would have been friends.”

– Maeghan Hadley Olsen, Founder of 1 Day Ranch

Ann Nelson was a woman who had dreams of helping others, traveling the world, making a difference, and living life to the fullest. In her 30 years here on earth, Ann did all of these things and much more. Its only fitting that after her death her legacy lives on. Ann died in the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks. She was working on the 104th floor.

In 2012 The New York Says Thank You Foundation along with Ann’s family and friends set out to make one of Ann’s dreams come true by building “Annie’s House” in Bottineau Winter Park. An adaptive ski lodge for children and adults with disabilities. Today, “Annie’s House at Bottineau Winter Park” is a magical place where those who never would have imagined being able to enjoy sledding and skiing can go with their families and forget the hardship of their lives by simply enjoying the beauty of the nature around them.

Ann had a passion for skiing, the outdoors, helping people with disabilities, and many other amazing things. However there was one other passion that was incredibly important to her. Ann loved animals. That is why when The New York Says Thank You Foundation came to Bethel Acres, Oklahoma in 2014 to help rebuild the barn at 1 Day Ranch, Ann’s family and friends of course took notice. After meeting Ann’s family, loved ones, friends, and hearing about the amazing impact this woman made on those around her, 1 Day Ranch decided to continue this legacy by naming the new barn after her. That is how “Annie’s Barn at 1 Day Ranch” came to be. Annie’s Barn is a place where children and adults with mental, physical, or emotional disabilities can come to spend time, learn, and heal surrounded by animals of all kinds.

We know that Ann is here with us and watching over us every day. Everyone at 1 Day Ranch feels so honored to be able to name this barn after her and hope that it is a fitting tribute to this wonderful woman and all she did. In honor of Ann’s birthday, 1 Day Ranch will be holding the first official “OPEN HOUSE” for Annie’s Barn on May 17, 2015. Please keep an eye on the 1 Day Ranch website and facebook page for more details of this event!

Annie’s Barn at 1 Day Ranch


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